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SwimPro ProX Camera -Wireless

SwimPro ProX Camera -Wireless

  • $2,640.00

The SwimPro camera systems brings you the best-in-class coaching camera system available on the market today.  The SwimPro system provides you with the flexibility to stream or record during practice and provide real-time feedback to your athletes. 

ProX Camera Features:

- HD 1080P SwimPro Crystal Frame Technology*
- Auto/manual shutter speed of up to 1/10,000
- Clip on/off static wall bracket
- Telescopic pole with height/depth adjustment
- Angle/rotation attachment
- Above/below water capabilities
*wireless based on 802.11n standard -
performance is environmentally dependent

Suggested use:

- Above/below water dynamic telescopic pole camera
- Static end of wall or side wall camera
- Above water start camera

This product has a 6 - 8 week delivery time.

Pricing valid in US only.  Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

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